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If you’ve been wanting to know what all the Essential Oils talk is about keep reading…Maybe you wonder, ”will this investment be worth it?”, “do they really work?”, “will I have the support I need to learn how to use them?”

I am here to give you a resounding YES! Below is a bit of my “Why?”

I lost my two Dads to cancer, and two years ago I lost my Mom from numerous health problems. That is when I truly made it my mission to pursue wellness 100% for myself and my family…When you come to terms with mortality, it changes your perspective on life. It makes you think about things like contribution, legacy and impact…and that is how Young Living Essential Oils entered my life. Getting the harmful ingredients out of our home and replacing them with natural products that come straight from the plants that God created for our use has been life changing. It’s a journey that I’m so glad that I decided to venture into and one that I will never turn back on. I’m healthier and more energetic than I’ve ever been before in my life. It is a journey I am committed to sharing with the world. Please join me as we create a healthier, happier, more abundant life for each and all of us.

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