Want to know a secret to remembering some essential oil favorites? Recite your ABCs! Fall in love with essential oils from A to Z and find out why they made our list! You many know that P is for Peppermint and L is for Lavender, but can you guess which oils start with X or K? Find out here!

A is for Abundance essential oil blend

Live life with an abundance of health, happiness, and, of course, Abundance™ essential oil blend! Diffuse Abundance all day long and take in the sweet and spicy goodness!


B is for Basil essential oil

Banish stressful moments during busy days. Simply dilute Basil with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply to neck and temples, then breathe in the calming aroma.


C is for Cedarwood essential oil

Say yes to self-care with Cedarwood! Infuse your conditioner with a couple drops of this sweet oil for extra moisture!


D is for DiGize essential oil blend

Calm your cranky muscles with DiGize®. Massage a couple drops of this soothing oil on sore joints after your heavy workout!

Cedarwood essential oil

E is for En-R-Gee essential oil blend

Refresh your carpets with En-R-Gee™’s herbaceous, invigorating scent! Mix 5 drops with 1 cup of baking soda and sprinkle over the carpet. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum the excess.


F is for Frankincense essential oil

Find your center with Frankincense. Diffuse this oil’s powerful, grounding aroma during spiritual practice, prayer, meditation, or yoga!

Gentle baby essential oil blend

G is for Gentle Baby essential oil blend

Face the day with a youthful complexion. Dilute Gentle Baby™’s blend of sweet, floral oils with coconut oil and massage it on your skin.


H is for Helichrysum essential oil

Glow up morning and night! Add a drop of Helichrysum to your moisturizer for a sugary yet earthy scent and absorb benefits that reduce uneven skin and promote uplifting features.


I is for Inspiration essential oil blend

Invite positive vibes! Apply a couple drops of Inspiration™ to your chest and inhale to uplift your spirits!


J is for Joy essential oil blend

Journey through “me time” with Joy™! Finesse a luxurious bath by adding a few drops of this fun, floral-scented oil!


K is for Kunzea essential oil

Take out trashy odors with Kunzea! Add a few drops of this oil to a cotton ball and stash it in the garbage can for a woodsy, spicy aroma.


L is for Lavender essential oil

Dream sweetly with Lavender! Put three drops on a tissue, tuck it inside your pillowcase, and breathe in the calming scent as you drift off to sleep.


M is for M-Grain essential oil blend 

Stay relaxed with M-Grain™. Apply topically to the base of the neck, forehead, shoulders, and temples for a cooling sensation.

Lavender essential oil

N is for Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil

Create cabin vibes in your home with Northern Lights Black Spruce. Diffuse this forest-scented oil while you’re playing board games with the family!


O is for Oregano essential oil

Relax with a total-body refresh! With Oregano, you can utilize Young Living’s unique Raindrop Technique® for a blissful massage!

How to use Peppermint oil for head tension

P is for Peppermint essential oil

Stay peppy through the afternoon slump! Bust out your bottle of Peppermint and simply open to breathe in the bright, energizing aroma.


Q is for Melaleuca Quinquenervia essential oil—it counts, okay?

Cue a dewier look! Dilute Melaleuca Quinquenervia with V-6 and apply to skin for similar results to what Tea Tree offers—and that’s saying a lot!


R is for Rosemary essential oil

Let down your luscious locks! Add Rosemary to your shampoo for healthier, shinier hair!


S is for Stress Away essential oil blend

Spend the day on cloud nine! Add Stress Away™ to your bath and soak away your worries with this sweet, relaxing oil.


T is for Tea Tree essential oil

Clear the impurities. Simply add a drop of Tea Tree to your facial moisturizer and apply each night for cleaner skin.


U is for (E)ucalyptus Globulus

Clear the air in an enclosed space. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Globulus to your car diffuser and let its sharp, clean, and fresh aroma cut through stale odors.


V is for Vetiver essential oil

Tap into Vetiver during chaotic moments. Diffuse this exotic, earthy oil with Lavender and unwind as your head hits the pillow.


W is for Wintergreen essential oil

Call on your workout superhero for support! Add Wintergreen’s potent powers to your massage oil and ease your tired muscles with its icy sensation.

Vetiver essential oil

X is for Xiang Mao essential oil

Help yourself to hydration your skin will love! Add two drops of Xiang Mao to your skin and soak up its moisturizing properties.


Y is for Ylang Ylang essential oil

Create a romantic hair treatment with Ylang Ylang! Mix 2 drops with coconut oil and apply throughout your hair for a sweet, floral fragrance.


Z is for Ginger

Fun fact: Ginger’s Latin genus name is Zingiber! Mix up your daily home fragrance and diffuse ginger to warm and uplift the mood!



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