Getting people to know you exist is a crucial step in an established market like selling Young Living Essential Oils. Your business needs exposure if it’s going to compete in a crowded industry with established distributors and other oil brands pushing their products.
Once you have your MyOilSite live, use MyOilGraphics to share your love for oils, and popular ways people can use them on your social media outlets. This lets people know you’re a resource they can go to for these products without being pushy. When people respond with a like, share or comment, keep a mental or written note on who’s responding to your information. Later this information can provide a library of prospects to share additional, potentially more targeted information with.
You may also consider using an online platform to run a banner ad campaign on like the Google Display Network (GDN). The GDN allows businesses to get their products out to the masses while they browse, conduct business online, and even check their Gmail accounts. By creating a Display campaign through Adwords, the GDN helps position your marketing messages in front of consumers or potential distributors who are already interested in your product and may be seeking out information you can help them with. The GDN gives you the power to decide where you want your ads to display, how often they should display, and which users you want to target. You can also decide how you want your ad displayed – video, text, photo, or an image of your product.
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